Roof Cleaner Tacoma, WA

Every homeowner wants their property to reflect the real sense of a ‘proud owner.’ To this effect, there is no better company than Richards Roof Service, LLC. They care about all their customers and not only will they make your roof clean, but they also use biodegradable detergents that leave your property healthier than before.

Why choose Richards Roof Service Tacoma?

Curb appeal
It’s common knowledge that first impressions last forever and it’s only natural for homeowners all across Tacoma to want to leave a lasting impression of their homes. A stained and dirty roof can make a contemporary home look years older and uninviting. Spider webs spread across the corners of your doors and windows are a far cry from most homeowners’ appearances, and this is where roof cleaner and cleaning services come in handy.

Low pressure cleaning

Richards Roof Services use a special detergent mixture that is composed of biodegradable components that are gently sprayed, using low pressure, on a roof’s surface (they have a unique combination for every type of roof). This detergent mix is meant to kill the algae and bacterial growth on the roof and also clean the dirt.

The low-pressure cleaning ensures that the roof is not damaged by excess pressure especially when dealing with tile roofs that can easily be washed off.

As the best roof cleaner and cleaning service, they ensure that homeowners’ roofs look brand new by the time they are done. They specialize in cedar shake roofs, shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, gable roofs, slate roofs, and concrete tile roofs.

Low-pressure house cleaning

Aside from roof repair services, Richards Roof Services also offer exterior home cleaning services. This time, they use a different detergent mix from the roof cleaning mixture depending on the material used on the exterior of a home. The cleaning covers a property’s entire exterior surface, door and window frames, gutters, garage doors, and so on. They mainly specialize in hardi-plank, painted wood, stucco, cedar and aluminum sidings.

Roof repair

Other than roof cleaner and cleaning services, Richards Roof Services also offer homeowners professional; roof repair. Having worked with all kinds of roofing material, the roof services company have developed an uncanny ability to identify potential as well as existing roofing problems. They send a roofing expert to examine a roof so as to have a clear idea of what the roof needs, that is, roof repair, roof cleaner or cleaning. After the inspection, the roofing specialist then makes a recommendation for the best course of action.

Repairs range from something as simple as replacing a few broken tiles to a total overhaul if the roof is that severely damaged.

Sometimes it can be easy to snub the condition of the roof considering some parts are invisible from ground level. However, regular inspection can prevent the occurrence of a costly problem such as a leaking roof that can damage the ceiling.

Contact the best roof cleaner and cleaning contractor in Tacoma, WA for all your roofing needs.