Roof Cleaning Services Gig Harbor, Port Orchard Bremerton WA

If you are a homeowner and are tired of looking at your once beautiful roof turning a dirty greenish color then I have a solution to this unsightly problem, roof cleaning, and repair, by Richards Roofing and Repair LLC. Not only does this moss and algae build up to detract from the look and appearance of your home, but it can also cause problems in your roof’s overall integrity in the future. As the moss and algae grow on the surface of your roofing it is doing more damage than creating an un-kept appearance, it is potentially ruining your roof. By slowly penetrating your shingles and tiles with their microscopic root systems they slowly cause cracks that will widen over time due to environmental issues such as sun exposure, rain, and freezing temperatures. Removing this potential problem is a must for the continued survival of your roofing system and Richards Roof Services, a specialist in roof cleaning and repair, has the solution for these homeowner needs.

Eco-friendly roof cleaning and repair services

Often a contractor will tell you that the damage to your roof is too extensive to repair, and an entirely new and expensive roof is required. I would suggest however that a thorough roof cleaning and repair of small issues such as lost or damaged shingles or tiles may remedy this situation at a fraction of the cost required to replace your existing roof. This eco-friendly roof cleaning and repair is done without pressure washers or harmful chemicals, rather a brush, scrapers and environmentally friendly sprays are utilized that will remove the moss and algae, and their associated staining from the roof, leaving a beautiful surface that is also protected against future moss intrusion. The roof cleaning and repair offered by Richards Roof Service are far above their competitors by offering their experience and professional knowledge of the typical roofing issues:

  • Roof Cleaning and Repair Needs without the use of loud water wasting pressure washers
  • Standard Maintenance Cleaning to Moss and Algae Removal Procedures
    Gutter Repairs and Cleaning
  • Roof Repairs and Cleaning that Specialize from Small to Extremely Large Jobs

Richards Roofing offers roof cleaning and repair to almost any type of roofing involved:

  • Shake
  • Shingle
  • Metal
  • or Tile roofing

Or any style of the roof in need of their roof cleaning and repair services from:

  • Gable
  • Gambrel
  • Hip
  • or Many other Roofing Styles

If there are roof cleaning and repair issues on your property and u reside in the following areas, then I highly recommend you give Richards Roof Services a call to accommodate your roof cleaning and repair needs.

    • Gig Harbor
    • Port Orchard
    • Bremerton
    • Poulsbo
    • Silverdale
    • Bainbridge
    • Island Kitsap County
    • Washington

If you are looking for an honest roof cleaning and repair then I would suggest that you give Richards Roof Services a call. All consultations and estimates are given freely with no commitment required on your part and even special deals are occasionally offered to help alleviate the expense of these services.