Repair Roof Tiles in Centralia, WA

We repair or replace all types of tile roofs

Tile Repair Centralia, WA 

Tile roofing is popular throughout the US, because it has tremendous heat resistance, and that helps it to protect a home from the sweltering temperatures of summer. Tile roofs are also very long-lasting, and that’s another reason for their great popularity. However, even the best types of roofing occasionally require repair work, for instance after a heavy storm, or some other act of nature. When that happens, the company to call in the area around Centralia, WA is Richards Roof Service, LLC.

Tile roof repair 

Whatever kind of damage has occurred on your tile roof, and whatever kind of repairs are needed, you can count on our team of specialists to be able to handle the problem promptly, and in the most effective manner. Whether you have cracked tiles or missing tiles, we can have the situation resolved in a short period of time, so that you once again enjoy full protection from your roof.

If you happen to notice that your roof is leaking, there’s a pretty good chance that the underlayment which was initially installed on your roof has become worn with usage, and that a leak has developed. This is an essential layer of protection for your home, and if it wasn’t installed correctly, it might very well fail at some point in time. When we do new installations for tile roofs, we make very sure that only the longest-lasting underlayment is used, as well as superior products of the highest quality.

Our repair services

We offer a full line of repair services for all our clients in the Centralia, WA region. We’ll be happy to inspect your tile roof to assess whether any damage has occurred, and we can carry out any kind of repairs which are necessary. Some of these might include repairing or replacing plywood, repairing your skylight, repairing or replacing metal flashing, underlayment repair, a re-application of the roof sealant, or a resealing of the seams along your roof.

In order for roofing to perform up to its capability, it needs to be constructed of high quality materials, and it should be installed properly by licensed roofing specialists. If any of these elements are missing, it can be very possible that your roof will develop problems such as leaks, ponding water, or a failure of roofing sealants.

You may also incur damage to your tile roof from strong storms and strong winds, because these can literally blow tiles out of place and leave gaps there which can lead to roof leaks. In some cases, homeowners have caused damage to their own roofs by walking on them, and unknowingly cracked some of the tiles or knocked them out of place. All of these situations can be handled by one of our experienced and knowledgeable roofing specialists, so that your roof can be restored to its original effective level of protection.

Contact us 

If you think damage may have occurred to your tile roof, contact us right away at Richards Roof Service, LLC. We’ll be glad to conduct a thorough inspection to determine the extent of any damage, and then we’ll consult with you about the best approach to carry out repairs. Once we’re on the job handling any necessary repair work, you can again have peace of mind that your home is fully protected against the elements.