Tile Roof Repair Near Tacoma WA

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Tile Roofing Repair, Tacoma WA

At Richards Roof Service, LLC, we may not be the biggest tile roofing repair company in the Pacific Northwest, but we sure do aim to be the best. Each and every day, we strive for that by providing the best possible workmanship on any kind of roofing work we do, and we try to keep costs as affordable as possible. We understand that no one really plans for roofing repairs, or for a roof replacement, so that money may not be there when the roof work is needed.
We are more than just a reputable and hard-working roofing company, however, because we live, work, and play in the same community as all our clients do, and we love the Pacific Northwest just like all our customers. That’s why we’re proud to serve all the good people of Tacoma, Graham, Puyallup, Tumwater, Olympia, Shelton, Bonney Lake, Ocean Shores, and all the other great communities of the region.

Our Tile Services

At Richards Roof Service, LLC, we specialize in roofing repairs, but that’s mostly because it’s the most frequently requested service by residential and commercial customers in the area. Our professional servicemen are equally adept at installing completely new roofing systems for businesses and residents, and we can provide a variety of materials for you to choose from.
We have installed and repaired various types of roofing including tile roof, concrete tile, clay tile, slate, asphalt roof, wood shingle, and composite shingles, so whatever you feel most comfortable with, we’ll have no trouble accommodating you. If you aren’t sure about the attributes of one type of roofing system over another, we’ll be glad to discuss the pros and cons of all the various roofing systems with you, so that you can make the most informed decision.
When we send a crew to your location, you can count on them having all the materials needed, as well as all the expertise needed, to accomplish any kind of installation or repair work on whatever kind of roof system you have. There is no job which is too small or too large for our skilled technicians to take on, and you can count on the same level of professionalism regardless of what your roofing project may be.
We also offer other roofing services to the good people of the Northwest, including roofing inspections, maintenance programs, new installs, and any kind of repair work your roofing system may need. If you have any questions about whether or not we can do a specific project on your roofing system, by all means call us to discuss the project.

Friendly service, expert workmanship

You don’t often find a company that can deliver both superior workmanship and friendly service on the same job, but that’s what all the specialists at Richards Roof Service, LLC strive to deliver. We understand that our reputation depends on the goodwill of our customers, and that’s why we do everything possible to please and satisfy all our clients, each and every time.
Contact us today with any questions you may have about our services, our products, or anything else about roofing in general that you’d like to discuss. We are always happy to talk roofing, and we’re always glad to have a conversation with one of our fellow community members.