Tile Roof Repair Tumwater WA

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Tile Roof Repair Tumwater, WA 

Many homeowners in Tumwater choose a tile roof system because it is so aesthetically pleasing, and because it presents a very stylish look in any neighborhood where it’s installed. However, the tiles used in this kind of roof installation are not themselves waterproof, and the actual waterproofing component comes from the underlayment which is used in this kind of roofing system.

That being the case, the underlayment will deteriorate over a period of time, and will require replacement. Depending on climatic conditions, this underlayment might provide 15 to 25 years of service before it will need to be removed and replaced by new material. In the area around Tumwater, WA, weather conditions can get fairly rainy and accelerate the process of deterioration for a tile roof system underlayment.

If you’ve never had your roof inspected, it would be difficult to tell what the exact state of your underlayment is, unless you’re already sure that it has been in place for something like 20 years. That would automatically call for replacement, but if you’re not sure about the condition of your roof’s underlayment, you should have it professionally inspected by Richards Roof Service, LLC.

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The good news about a tile roof is that the tiles themselves are made to withstand the elements for something like 40 or 50 years, so unless they become damaged somehow, tiles typically don’t require replacement or a complete roof system reinstallation. However, it may very well be necessary to replace the underlayment, and that means the tiles will still have to be removed and stacked, so as to avoid damaging them.

That’s why roofing repairs on a tile system tend to be labor intensive and somewhat costly, even if the tiles themselves are completely intact. In situations where you have had a number of tiles damaged by weather or other causes, we can do our best to replace the missing ones with tiles that are colored the same and shaped in the same way, so they blend in with your existing tiles.

If a significant portion of your tiles have become damaged, you will probably be better off to completely reinstall the tiles in the underlayment so as to achieve a uniform look and a weathertight system. We would be glad to inspect your roofing system at any point, so that you can have peace of mind about its integrity, and so that you’ll know if there are any issues developing.

If we spot any problems in your roofing system, we’ll make some recommendations on the best way to approach repairs or possible replacement. If a complete replacement is your best option, we’ll be glad to consult with you on some new tile options, and then we’ll give you the best price in the area for reinstalling a new tile roofing system.

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At Richards Roof Service, LLC, we have a broad service area which includes Tumwater, Chehalis, Oympia, Lacey, and a number of other communities, so chances are we can get to your location easily to provide the service you need. Contact us with any inquiries you might have about a tile roofing system, or to obtain a quote for an inspection, repairs, or complete replacement for your tile roof system. This is a great time of year to consider any work that might need to be done to make your roof weatherproof for the coming season.