Different types of tile roofsThere are many different types of roofing systems you could have installed at your residence, and each has its own particular advantages. In the case of tile roof shingles, there are more benefits delivered than with most types of roofing, and that’s why you might want to consider them when you need a new roof. If you need help in reaching a decision, please do contact us at Richards Roof Service, LLC, and we’ll be glad to offer our professional advice. Continue reading below to discover the many benefits offered by tile roof shingles.


There are few roofing systems as durable as tile roof shingles. They can withstand strong winds, hail, storms, fire, invading insects, baking sun, and just about anything else Mother Nature might throw at them. That means you won’t have to replace this type of roofing, as often as some other types, and it will retain its natural beauty for the entire time. That can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run, and you can also expect to pay out less for any kind of repair work.

Energy-efficient Tile Roof

The energy efficiency of a clay or concrete tile roof can go a long way toward keeping conditioned air inside the home and unconditioned air outside where it belongs. You might well notice a reduction in your utility bills with tile shingles installed because your HVAC units don’t have to work so hard to keep the residence comfortable.

Noise cancellation

If you happen to live in a neighborhood where there’s typically a lot of noise, you’ll appreciate the fact that tile shingles are capable of canceling out a significant part of that noise. That will make things much more pleasant inside your household, and all you’ll have to deal with is the internal noise.


Either concrete or clay tiles can be shaped such that they imitate wood shakes, chipped stone, or shingle-style slate. This kind of versatility makes them adaptable to almost any kind of architectural style. So regardless of the style of home you have, there’s a good chance that tile roof shingles can be easily fitted to match your home.


Unlike some other roofing systems, tile shingles are made entirely of natural materials, and there are no chemicals used in their production. Clay and concrete do not detract from precious natural resources, they contain no preservatives themselves, and any waste generated during production can be recycled. Since this kind of roofing system lasts so long, it also causes less discarded material to be dumped in landfills.

Low maintenance

Given the fact that tiles are individually installed, it’s very easy to replace a single tile when necessary. Chances are your tile shingle system won’t require any more maintenance than a periodic check, especially after a heavy storm. This also accounts for the tremendous ease of installation. Assuming that you have a professional doing the installation, it’s one of the most straightforward processes in roofing. Contact us at Richards Roof Service to find out more about this fantastic roofing system or to obtain a quote for your project.

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