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Installing tile roof on new houseAll the different types of tile roofing are extremely durable and long-lasting once they’ve been installed, but even these superior roofing systems occasionally need maintenance or repair. This is especially true in areas that are subject to extremes of weather, for instance, hot and cold temperatures, windy conditions, or frequent storms. In order to avoid the possibility of an expensive repair project, or even a complete replacement, it’s a good idea to have regular roof inspections and maintenance carried out, so as to identify problems early and to extend the life of your tile roofing system.

In the 60 years between 1950 and 2010, only about 30 weather events were recorded in the area around Lacey, WA which included either strong winds, hail, heavy snow, or powerful storm conditions. However, the daily effects of sun, wind, and rain are also strong contributors to the gradual weakening of any roofing system, and that’s why annual inspections and roofing maintenance are great ideas. To ensure that your tile roofing system retains its natural protective powers, have it inspected regularly by Richards Roof Service, LLC.

Repairs and replacements

Despite their extraordinary resistance to the elements of weathering, even tile roofing systems will sometimes need to be repaired or replaced. Regardless of whether your tile roofing system is comprised of concrete, clay, or some type of synthetic material, it will always be possible for cracks to form, and this will allow weather to penetrate to the interior. You may not notice this for quite some time unless the situation becomes obvious in the form of wet walls on the home’s interior. Individual tiles can easily be replaced, and if this is caught early enough, the damage can be limited to just a few tiles which need replacement.

If your roof system has been compromised and you don’t notice it though – that’s when some real damage can occur. If water penetrates to the interior, it can weaken the infrastructure of your home, and it may be necessary to replace some portion of that in addition to making the necessary roof repairs. This is another great reason why you should have annual roof inspections, so you know exactly what the state of your roofing system is, and so you’ll know whether any other area of the home has been affected. Of course, you may just have inherited an older roof system, and the time has come for it to be completely replaced by a newer, more energy-efficient system. An inspection will tell you all this, so you can react appropriately.

Whom to call for repairs, replacements, and maintenance in Lacey, WA

For any kind of service to your tile roofing system, the contractor to call if you live anywhere in the region surrounding Lacey, WA, is Richards Roof Service, LLC.  The roofing specialists at Richards Roof Service have worked hard for many years to establish this company as the premier contractor in the Pacific Northwest for all kinds of roofing repairs and maintenance. Contact Richards today, to obtain a no-obligation quote, or to ask any questions you may have about tile roofing systems.

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