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Broken Tiles on Roof Bremerton, WAIf your tile roofing in Bremerton, WA is in need of repairs, the company to contact is Richards Roof Service because we have an experienced and professional team of specialists who can handle any kind of roof tile repair work necessary, promptly, and at a very affordable rate. If you’ve made a point of inspecting your roof each spring, you may have encountered some broken tiles or some discolored tiles, which indicates that wear and tear are beginning to degrade the components of your roof system. That’s when it’s time to call in the professionals.

Why do tile roofing components become degraded?

Over a period of time, the waterproofing agents added to tiles will wear off, and when that happens, the tiles become vulnerable to water, snow, and ice-penetrating them and acting to break them down. Harsh weather itself can also cause tiles to break down, and this will require replacement even sooner than normal wear and tear. It’s also possible for tiles to be invaded by moss and other plant life, which can act to crack them and degrade their useful service life.

When any of these factors do operate on the tiles of your roof, the tiles themselves can become broken; they can slide out of place, they can work loose if the fasteners have become dislodged, or they can be troubled by mosses, lichen, or other plants which will weaken them. When any of these situations occur, a weak spot will develop in that area of your roof. It won’t take long after that for the weather conditions to exploit that weakness and possibly cause a leak in your roof. At this point, some expensive repairs may be in the offing, and it might be necessary to replace at least a section of your roofing system.

What kinds of problems can professional roof repair?

There are two main types of tile roofs, those made of concrete and those made of clay. It is not recommended that the average homeowner undertake any kind of repair work to a clay tile roof because clay tiles are quite fragile, and any kind of repair attempts are likely to end up in broken tiles. While concrete tiles are less fragile, you’re still better off letting a professional handle any repair work so you don’t end up doing damage to your tiles while you’re trying to fix them.

Our professionals can repair cracks in individual roof tiles, assuming that the number of affected tiles is not too numerous. If a great many roof tiles have been impacted, you might be better off to consider a total replacement. Broken tiles and missing tiles can be easily replaced, and our specialists will take care to match any replacement tiles to the existing style and color of your present tiles. We can also provide a power washing service that will remove all the debris and plants which may have taken hold of your tile roof in Bremerton, and this will keep your roof free of harmful plant life.

If you contact Richards Roof Service Bremerton, WA to perform regular maintenance on your tile roof, and have a power wash done every two years, it will add years of life to your tile roof, and you can have peace of mind, knowing that your roofing system is in good hands.

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