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If you own a house with a tile roof anywhere in the region around Belfair, WA, you should take note of Richards Roof Service, the roofing experts in the area. Whenever you need any repairs to your tile roof, or if you’ve been thinking of having a tile roof installed – we are the experts you should call. We’ve had many years to perfect our skills and increase our knowledge, which has allowed us to become the go-to roofers for many inhabitants of the area around Sunset Beach, Belfair, and Belfair State Park.

Are you thinking of installing?

You really can’t go wrong with a solid tile roof because they have many desirable characteristics, all of which help them stand up to some of the harsh weather in the Great Northwest. You’ll probably enjoy 50 years or more of excellent roofing protection for your household occupants and your valuables, and during all that time, there will be very little maintenance necessary. On top of their ability to withstand the dramatic temperature changes that occur here, tile roofs are also rated highly in their fireproof capabilities.
If a freak hailstorm were to occur, you’d be protected by your tile roof, and it probably wouldn’t sustain much damage in the process. They’re capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 125 mph, well over what we might experience in the Northwest. They’re even energy-efficient since they retain warmth in the winter and retain the cooler air in summer. On top of all their other appealing characteristics, tile roofs come in several different colors and styles, so whatever you have in mind is probably fair game for your new tile roof.

When repairs are necessary

The most common type of repair that might be necessary on a tile roof is fixing cracked tiles. Generally, the weather is responsible for cracked tiles, usually when temperatures vary dramatically in a short period. But, of course, some freak accidents also occur, such as having a tree or branch fall on your roof. In any case, if you find that you have some tiles in need of repair, give us a call, and we’ll have a specialist at your home shortly.
It will usually be a pretty straightforward process to remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. You should make a point of contacting us as soon as you’re aware of any issues, though, because if a crack is allowed to go untreated, water could penetrate your roofing system and make its way to the interior.

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We practically wrote the book on tile roof installation and repairs, so if you need either service, please get in touch with us at Richards Roof Service. You can count on courteous service, a professional approach, and expert knowledge about tile roofing so that the job will get done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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