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Tile roofs are among the sturdiest and longest-lasting roofing systems you could have installed on your South Westside Olympia, WA residence. However, even tile roofs can become damaged, especially if a severe weather system passes through and drops hail on them or inflicts intense wind damage. When you need your South Westside Olympia tile roof repair, the company you should contact first is Richards Roof Service, LLC. Our experts can accomplish whatever repairs are necessary for the shortest time frame and in line with your budget.

When do you need repairs?

It’s a good idea to periodically inspect your roof for any signs of wear or damage, and this is even more important after experiencing a strong storm or other severe weather. In areas where all your tiles are intact, and there is no sign of damage, the chances are that section of the roof is problem-free. However, if you notice some cracked or loosened tiles, that could be a sign that the underlayment has been compromised, which would probably call for some repair work. If not addressed quickly, a damaged underlayment could allow leaks in the roofing, which could impact the interior of the home and cause other damage inside.

Tile roof installation

To get the maximum life out of a tile roof system, it has to be installed correctly in the first place. If it isn’t, the roof system will likely have a shortened life span because it will be much more susceptible to casual damage and the effects of inclement weather. Our roofing experts are specialists in installing a tile roof system correctly, so you’ll never have to worry about being vulnerable to damage. Proper installation means ensuring the integrity of your tile roof, so its naturally protective characteristics are allowed to come into play and deliver decades of excellent protection and service to your residence.
When our installation team puts your roof in place, you can be confident that you’ll derive all the durability and long-term protection you should get from a tile roof. That means you’ll have a fire-resistant roofing system in place that will resist any fire or flames that may break out, and you can count on being resistant to winds up to 150 mph. The bottom line is, when we install your roof, it will probably end up being the most economical system you could have because it will far outlast the money it costs to have it installed.

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If you have any questions about repairs or installing a tile roof system in South Westside Olympia, WA, please contact us right away. We’ll be glad to answer your questions or provide a quote on a project you have in mind. At Richards Roof Service, LLC, we take roofing very seriously, and we aim to please every customer with 100% satisfaction. So when we do repairs or installation work for you, you can count on it being done right, and you can count on it being correct on the first attempt.

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